Walking with Alpacas

The alpacas are looking forward to meandering the Burnt Fen countryside again from the 6th April 

In the mean time if you would like to buy an Alpaca Walking Voucher please do get in touch – details below.

Come and walk our friendly alpacas and learn about their history and interesting characteristics – we guarantee you will fall in love with them!


What happens

When you come over the whole visit usually takes about 2 hours – firstly you meet the alpacas and learn about how to behave around them, as they can be quite shy. Then we round up the boys who are trained for walks and you choose and catch your alpaca – always an interesting moment! Once the head collars are on we set off for our walk.

Bluebell walk

This is more of an amble than a forced march as they like to browse for snacks along the way and sometimes have a good scratch in the hedges. Long trousers and wellies or trainers are best as the marsh path can be a bit damp sometimes and some of the more adventurous alpacas do like to venture off the path in search of interesting snacks!

imageToffee feasting on carrots

When we get back to the garden we usually let the girls and any cria (babies) into the garden so you can feed them carrots and apples while you have a cup of tea, coffee, squash etc. Alpaca fibre is beautifully soft and you are welcome to look around my studio (Kurt the Yurt), to see how I work with our fleeces using traditional spinning, weaving and felting techniques.

We are very much led by the weather as walking a soggy alpaca is a bit like walking a wet sponge, so if the weather is really bad it is probably best to re-arrange. We can do walks during the week or at the weekend. However we only do one walk a day so weekends can get quite booked up.



£60 per group (max 6 persons). We are a working farm so the walks do need to be pre-booked.

I’m afraid the price is the same for 2 as it is for 6, as it is the same amount of time and preparation this end. If you are interested in joining a group I am happy to put you in touch with other alpaca walk minded people so do give me a call

Daisy and Archie

Alpaca Walking Gift Voucher: If you would like to give an alpaca walk as a surprise gift we can post you one of our Burnt Fen Alpaca cards and a gift voucher inviting the recipient to come alpaca walking. Our gift voucher package costs £65 and is also for up to 6 people.


Please make cheques payable to A Nickerson, or call / email for details of direct bank transfers.

Hopefully that gives you an idea of how it works, if you need any other information please don’t hesitate to email or call us.


6 thoughts on “Walking with Alpacas

    • Hi Sally, thanks for getting in touch. The gift voucher comes with a card of one of our alpacas and an invitation to come Alpaca Walking for up to 6 people. Hope that helps. Best wishes Annie

  1. Hi there, if we come to the Christmas Fair at St Mary’s Works in Norwich on the 15th, can we book a walk with the Alpaca’s for another time ?

  2. I would like to purchase a gift voucher for my daughter for Christmas could you please tell me how to pay for this . Could you give me details how to make the bank transfer thanks

    • Hi Rachel, thank you. Our bank details are below, can you email me your address to annie.alpaca@icloud.com so I can post you the voucher. Or if you’re near Norwich today I’m at a Christmas market – St Mary’s Works, St Mary’s Plain NR3 3AF if that’s easier for you. Best wishes, Annie
      Account Name : A & J Nickerson

      Account Number : 53759040
      Sort Code : 20 – 47 – 34
      Reference: Alpaca Walk

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