Stud Males

Meet the Burnt Fen Boys

All our studs have fantastic coloured genetics and offer the chance to add a beautiful grey or black alpaca to your herd.

Visiting ladies can either stay with us, or you are welcome to do a drive by mating where you bring your female to the farm and return with her after the mating. We can also organise a mobile mating, where we bring the male to your farm.

On Farm: £350               Drive By: £300               Mobile:  Within East Anglia, price on request


Horace is the Burnt Fen boss, he has great presence but is a big softy at heart. He has a beautiful uniform mid grey fleece and throws very strong good looking cria with his affable nature. 1st Royal Norfolk 2006 Adult Grey Male


Archie is second in command and has a beautiful, very fine mid grey fleece. He has maintained fleece fineness with his 7th fleece still only being 22.2m. 1st Royal Norfolk 2006, Intermediate Grey


Bagheera has a huge, beautiful, bay black fleece, with a very soft handle. He is always curious and has a lovely nature. He sired his first cria last year, both carrying his fantastic fleece and jaunty air!

Royal Prince

Royal Prince has a dense fine fleece. He has great presence and is taking his place amongst the big boys at Burnt fen. He has now sired some fantastic grey cross. 1st Newark & Notts 2012. Adult Grey Male.


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