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Burnt Fen House

Burnt Fen is the main house and family home of the Burnt Fen estate. The house is an eclectic mix of old and new and exudes a unique charm and lovely welcoming atmosphere. You are welcome to explore the private broad and wonderful woods belonging to the estate. 

Rooms can be booked as a single, twin or shared double.               Please note prices are per person.

                                                              Single          Shared 

Bedroom 1      Booked

Large double                                                 £500            £400 

with Jack & Jill Bathroom

Bedroom 2       Booked

Double bed & Sofa Bed                               £475            £400

with  Jack & Jill Bathroom                                  

Bedroom 3      Booked

Large double with wash basin                   £500            £400 

Bedroom 4      Booked

Twin beds                                                       £475            £400

                                                          Single          Shared 

Bedroom 5        Booked

Single with wash basin                           £475            -      

Bedroom 6        Booked

Large Double + Single bed                      £500           £400

with wash basin

Bedroom 7 

3 Single beds with wash basin               £475            £400            

Bedroom 8 

Double  -  ground floor                            £475            £400

Bathrooms:           There are 3 shared bathrooms and 3 toilets upstairs and 1 bathroom and 1 toilet downstairs. 

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