Felt Rug catch up!

IMG_0341So, better late than never! This is the felt rug that was made during Makers Month in the centre of The Forum, Norwich, Feb 2016.  I laid down varieties of sheep fleece and wrapped it all in bubble – as per the experiment in my kitchen, see previous blog – and then approx 4,000 people walked over it and made it felt! Amazing!!!
IMG_0276The photographs above & below were taken by the brilliant Fan Tubbs Arthur, and show the felting process in action, as you can see, extremely technical! Basically, lots of feet needed – we think a combination of approx 4,000 feet, prams and wheelchairs made the Felt Walk happen. The fleeces I used were, Jacob, Herdwick, Masham, Norfolk Horn, Hebridean, Mule, Shetland, Gotland, Zwarble, Charolais, Manx, Herdwick, Cheviot. This was quite a step out of my comfort zone being somewhat alpaca biased, however, it was extremely interesting and rewarding to see it work so well and a big thank you to The Forum for their support. IMG_0245And as you can see, my cats love it!



New Year – New Ideas, so …….

Felt Walking!

Part of Makers Month at the Forum Norwich

The aim is to make a piece of felt – in this case a sort of carpet runner – by enough people walking over pre laid out fibres so they become felted due to the friction and pressures caused by the walking. Thus hoping to prove the theory that felt was first made by shepherds putting fleece into their shoes for comfort and ending up with felt due to the combination of sweaty feet, oils in the fleece and the friction caused by walking – as we don’t really want the sweaty feet bit the fibre will need a bit of help! The help comes in the form of soapy water to add moisture and bubble wrap to aid the friction. The project will be encased in very strong clear plastic which will allow people to see what they are walking on without them getting soggy feet – we hope!


Trail Run –Fibre laid out in it’s bubble wrap cocoon ready to be felted.


The project is part of the Norfolk Guild of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers contribution to Makers Month, an educational exhibition at the Forum in Norwich celebrating the creative talent and skills that abound in the county.
The exhibition will run for the whole of February with the first two weeks devoted to textiles. Link to Makers Month: http://tinyurl.com/jr67crj


How cool are these dudes! Masham Sheep.

We decided it would be interesting to have lots of different types of fleece so the Guild have been brilliant turning up with all sorts of fleeces belonging to breeds of sheep that I had never heard of! – Also the wonderful Norfolk Smalholders Training Group have come up trumps providing fleeces for the project.

Yes, I know – Sheep fleece, moi! With all those lovely alpacas running about outside – don’t tell them they will be very put out! However there will of course be alpaca fibre in the process and I decided it was best to have a mini dummy run in my kitchen for which the alpacas donated some lovely fleece. Thank you Apache, Canasta & Ebony.


Oz doing some felting for me – makes a great dog bed!

It was very exciting un wrapping the felt parcel after we had all duly stomped about on it and ……


It worked! A lovely alpaca felt rug made by Felt Walking!


Frosty behind the ears – Tiddly Pom

Not bad to get to nearly the end of January before having to break the ice on the water drinkers and having REALLY cold hands, rather than just a bit chilly. This could of course be tempting the gods to throw some serious weather our way as a pre spring special – fingers crossed not!

But it always amuses me that the beasties have a lovely shelter but on the coldest night of the winter so far they all stay out and party! All were sporting their “ice fur” look this morning.

Zsa Zsa's frosty ears

Zsa Zsa’s frosty ears

Baby Atty

Baby Atty

Lucky for them that they have gorgeously warm coats to tuck up in, so for me it’s up to Kurt the Yurt and light the fire and get cosy with some spinning – in the warm – none of this hanging about in the cold!
The project – to make some more of my chunky random yarn so I can make some seriously warm knitwear – possibly not to stay out all night in the frost but it will certainly keep the cold out!

Random Stripey Yarn Now this is WARM!

Yarn Sorting

Wet, windy & cold, so after getting thoroughly soaked this morning, carting hay for the beasties, I decided to spend a cheering afternoon sorting through lovely warm yarn and cosy knitting patterns! Toulouse – who turned her nose up at the wet weather option first thing, decided that this was much more her domain and chose to join me; not always helpful! Now to find where I put all the knitting needles!