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A delicious Cream Tea for you with Carrots for your guest alpacas!

The  Alpaca  Who  Came  to  Te​

Enjoy a delicious cream tea in the company of our alpacas!

Alpaca Time !

Experience being surrounded by alpacas in the relaxed and friendly setting of Burnt Fen. Enjoy your cream tea while the alpacas move gently around you - some may even choose to join the tea party! 

Tea Time !

We understand that walking an alpaca is not an option for everyone and would like to offer the opportunity to come and enjoy the company of our alpacas and most likely some of our other Burnt Fen family (see pics below), over a cup of tea and a delicious scone.

Cost and Booking.

£15 per person for a group of 4 - 6.

You are welcome to enjoy the company of our lovely alpacas for an hour's visit.

Please Contact Us to book your Alpaca Teatime.


Our gift voucher invites the recipient & up to 3 friends to come and visit our alpacas while enjoying a delicious Cream Tea

Alpaca Cream Tea Gift Voucher