Felt Rug catch up!

IMG_0341So, better late than never! This is the felt rug that was made during Makers Month in the centre of The Forum, Norwich, Feb 2016.  I laid down varieties of sheep fleece and wrapped it all in bubble – as per the experiment in my kitchen, see previous blog – and then approx 4,000 people walked over it and made it felt! Amazing!!!
IMG_0276The photographs above & below were taken by the brilliant Fan Tubbs Arthur, and show the felting process in action, as you can see, extremely technical! Basically, lots of feet needed – we think a combination of approx 4,000 feet, prams and wheelchairs made the Felt Walk happen. The fleeces I used were, Jacob, Herdwick, Masham, Norfolk Horn, Hebridean, Mule, Shetland, Gotland, Zwarble, Charolais, Manx, Herdwick, Cheviot. This was quite a step out of my comfort zone being somewhat alpaca biased, however, it was extremely interesting and rewarding to see it work so well and a big thank you to The Forum for their support. IMG_0245And as you can see, my cats love it!



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