Frosty behind the ears – Tiddly Pom

Not bad to get to nearly the end of January before having to break the ice on the water drinkers and having REALLY cold hands, rather than just a bit chilly. This could of course be tempting the gods to throw some serious weather our way as a pre spring special – fingers crossed not!

But it always amuses me that the beasties have a lovely shelter but on the coldest night of the winter so far they all stay out and party! All were sporting their “ice fur” look this morning.

Zsa Zsa's frosty ears

Zsa Zsa’s frosty ears

Baby Atty

Baby Atty

Lucky for them that they have gorgeously warm coats to tuck up in, so for me it’s up to Kurt the Yurt and light the fire and get cosy with some spinning – in the warm – none of this hanging about in the cold!
The project – to make some more of my chunky random yarn so I can make some seriously warm knitwear – possibly not to stay out all night in the frost but it will certainly keep the cold out!

Random Stripey Yarn Now this is WARM!


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